Restroom Specialist - Key Functions:

  • Refill toilet tissue
  • Refill all other dispensers
  • Empty restrooms trash
  • Clean and disinfect all fixtures, mirrors and drinking fountains
  • Spot clean and disinfect partitions and doors
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Turns out the lights
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Utility Specialist - Key Functions:

  • Police stairs and vacuum stairwells
  • Clean glass
  • Polish brass
  • Pick up trash on specified floors
  • Spot carpet
  • Clean 1st impression areas
  • Clean high visibility carpet
  • Haul trash to dumpster

Vacuum Specialist - Key Functions:

  • Check the trash can in each office
  • Vacuum all traffic areas
  • Spot vacuum all other areas
  • Vacuum crumbs, ashes, other spills on furniture
  • Reposition all furniture correctly
  • Turn out lights upon completion of a room
  • Secure are as required

Light Duty Specialist - Key Functions:

  • Empty trash, recycling bins and reinstalls liners
  • Clean telephones, chalk trays and ashtrays
  • Dust all appropriate horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Pick up paper clips, paper and pencils from floor
  • Spot clean surfaces, door, push plates and glass
  • Spot clean wall and fixture marks and dirt
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BJS Services and Operating Guidelines

Burgos Janitorial Services, Inc. offers a variety of specialized and general cleaning, restoration and maintenance services. Below are a number of services we offer and operating guidelines all for which employees are properly trained, screened and prepared to execute to the best of their ability as listed under Our Mission. For more information regarding our services please call us directly at (951) 679-1441

Specialty Cleaning

Carpets can be an expensive part of your overall building interior. The more carpet is vacuumed, bonnet cleaning or the less it will need deep cleaning by extraction. Over-cleaning can cause excessive wear thereby reducing the overall life of the carpet.
Hard floors such as tile or terrazzo need regular cleaning to keep the surfaces looking fresh without wearing down the surface. These areas must be maintained properly to assure a fresh and inviting interior.
Walls, ceiling, and other deep cleaning are necessary periodically due to air movement in a facility. Frequency will depend on how well the routine cleaning is being accomplished. Building owners typically miss this area of specialty cleaning or tend to over clean. Through our experience and by working with our suppliers, we can determine the right schedules for your specific sites.

Materials and Supplies 

Paper products and soaps are necessary items mainly for restrooms and kitchen areas. There is a wide variety of products and pricing. Team Facilities works with our clients to determine their requirements and then we contact our suppliers to provide the most cost effective product.

Trash Removal 

Proper management of trash dumpsters is important and can be costly if not handled properly. Team Facilities works with many trash haulers to assure your trash is removed at the correct frequency. Dumpsters should look clean and dumpster areas need to be clean and free of trash.

Operation Guidelines

BJS’ General Services

  •  1. Daily janitorial services
  • 2. Floor finishing
  • 3. Carpet cleaning / dry and extraction
  • 4. Window cleaning
  • 5. Tenant improvement clean-up
  • 6. Ceiling tile replacement
  • 7. Lighting maintenance
  • 8. Upholstery and drapery cleaning
  • 9. Painting services
  • 10. High pressure washing building rain gutters
  • 11. Construction clean up’s
  • 12. Construction maintenance repairs
  • 13. Carpet installation
  • 14. Ceramic tile and vinyl installation
  • 15. Handyman services
  • 16. Concrete related services, and more!
  • Please call us at 951-679-1441 for more information and services.