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BJS Team

Here at Burgos Janitorial Services, Inc., we strive to set our selves apart by adhering to a strongly held conviction in providing the absolute best customer services possible. With this in mind, it is our mission to continue providing the best customer service to our clients and their needs. To accomplish this, Burgos Janitorial Services, Inc. team members and employees jointly participate in organizational decision making, training and workshops to improve our understanding and knowledge of client needs and changes in our industry. Our efforts have enabled us to retain returning business, satisfied clientele and knowledgeable employees in a very competitive environment.

Our Team 

Located in Southern California, Riverside County our team is focused on leading Burgos Janitorial Services Inc. in fulfilling our mission, achieving our vision and living our values. The team is accountable for establishing and advancing the strategies to ensure our current and future success.
Burgos Team: Below are a few of our team members. Reach us directly by calling: 951-679-1441

Samuel Burgos, President / CEO -

Samuel Burgos began his career 25 years ago in the cleaning industry. His efforts have made Burgos Janitorial Service's commitment to Consistency, Quality Service and Sustainability our company’s defining characteristics. Sam, is both fluent in English and Spanish and has completed several courses in Carpet Clean, Floor Care, Green Cleaning, and Tile & Stone Restoration.

Juana Burgos, B.S., Vice President / CFO -

Juana Burgos has been with BJS since January 2001. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Durango, Mexico. Mrs. Burgos oversees daily operations and brings a wealth of management, planning and customer Service experience. She also plays a key roll in financial tasks of the company.

Ursula D. Garrett, CPA, MBA, Certified Public Accountant -

Ursula Garrett is the principal of Garrett & Associates, CPA. Ursula is a Certified Public Accountant with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a BS in Accounting. She is also a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. She has been a practicing accountant for over 10 years and specializes in small business consulting, estate and trust accounting. A Burgos Janitorial Services, Inc. partner, Ursula assists in invoice management, reconciliation reporting, payroll and general book-keeping.

Employment Standards

In keeping with our Mission and values, engages in conscientious employee recruitment and training. Here at Burgos Janitorial Services, Inc. (abbreviated BJS), we make it a priority to find well-qualified employees and prospects. We screen every employee and conduct background checks to find the best candidates. Qualified candidates may be hired on a part-time basis and later hired on as full-time employees if their work proves to meet BJS' high standards of quality service. This enables us to provide a "unique level of quality service" that may not be found with many our competitors.

  • 1. BJS makes a special effort to hire only those individuals who have necessary skills, abilities, and honesty that will fit within our team/quality-oriented environment.
  • 2. All assigned employees must be able to speak and read English.
  • 3. In terms of selection, candidates are thoroughly screened and those with solid backgrounds and necessary skills are interviewed.
  • 4. During structured interviews and as a part of our behavioral interviewing strategy, we ask candidates to explain experiences at former jobs and how they handled specific situations in determining their qualifications. Those meeting our standards are hired and appropriately assigned.


In anticipation of future / possible needs of our clients, we continually build and train a pipeline of qualified candidates for future hiring needs. Whether they are ready for hire right away or a year from now, a well-build pipeline ensures that we are never without relevant, qualified candidates to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Employee Training

Burgos Janitorial Services, Inc. Teams participate in organized training workshops in a classroom environment with supervisors and team leaders where they discuss and share ideas for improvement and develop the skills to see themselves and their work "through the customer’s eyes.” Employees participate in role-playing and learn “BJS’ Standard Cleaning Process.”
Our Teams receive on-site training specific to the needs of the customer and are coached on a continuous basis. Informed and prepared, BJS employees work through the eyes of the customer, and are left feeling comfortable in putting forth the extra effort necessary to provide the best customer service possible and treat the property at which they are working as their own. Team lead oversight and coaching ensure that any work put fourth is done according to the BJS high-quality standards of service.
Cross-training and skill development play a vital role in building quality teams and leaders and those who have an interest in developing their skills and position at BJS are invited to participate in the more complex and challenging aspects of team leadership and project maintenance. This has proven to produce well-rounded leaders and employees.

As a part of our Mission to supply our customers with unparalleled customer service and work, personal and organizational improvement is an on-going effort. 
This is accomplished through:

  • A) Training
  • B) Training evaluations completed by trainees
  • C) Employee surveys
  • D) Customer surveys
  • E) Management Inspections and Coaching
  • F) Special task forces
  • G) Team meetings and Inspections
  • H) Self Inspections


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